Meet the future of change!

Drumroll please... We're officially introducing the inaugural class of REACH for Uganda's Ambassador Program! These incredible young minds are ready to ignite a movement, empower Ugandan youth, and build a brighter future for education and healthcare in Uganda.

Some of this year’s ambassadors recently spent their summer immersed in Ugandan culture, teaching eager students, and advocating for REACH's critical work. Upon returning from three weeks in Africa, they continued to support REACH’s mission by hosting information sessions, leading fundraising campaigns, volunteering with the nonprofit, and spreading the word about our mission.

Other ambassadors have contributed to our success by donating their time and expertise in helping to manage our social media and marketing efforts. This includes creating content, assisting with emails, and volunteering at our events.

Our Ambassadors are more than just volunteers, they're the future of our mission. They're the bright voices spreading awareness, the helping hands building a brighter future for Ugandan children.

Ambassador Audrey

In the summer of 2023, Audrey, a junior at Yorktown High School, embarked on a life-changing experience: REACH’s Teen Trip to Uganda.

Prior to her journey, Audrey's passion sparked a $3,500 fundraising mission to help grow the game of softball in Uganda. In Uganda, she reveled in sharing her love for the game, teaching eager students the fundamentals of softball. Upon her return, Audrey's enthusiasm didn't wane. Hosting multiple information nights with friends and neighbors, she vividly presented her Ugandan adventure, inspiring many to get involved with REACH and sponsor students themselves.

REACH for Uganda's dedication to education and healthcare deeply resonates with Audrey, and she remains committed to finding ways to give back to the organization and the Ugandan people. Witnessing the scarcity of pencils in Ugandan schools firsthand during her volunteer work, Audrey's most recent campaign is a Pencil Drive – a heartfelt initiative to provide each student with their very own pencil, enriching their educational journey.

Find Audrey's Pencil Drive campaign here.


Ambassador Craig

Craig is our social media champion! He is a dedicated volunteer who's bringing fresh energy and expertise to our social media platforms. More than just a poster, Craig is deeply invested in amplifying our mission and connecting with our community, especially after participating in our programs on the teen trip in 2013.

He actively seeks out the latest stories, projects, and initiatives, eager to translate them into compelling content that resonates with our audience. Craig works closely with our Board and Executive Director to ensure our social media presence accurately reflects our work and values. This close-knit collaboration ensures transparency, authenticity, and maximum impact. He's passionate about using social media as a tool for connection, information, and positive change.

Craig isn't just a volunteer; he's become an integral part of our team. He embodies our mission and values, using his social media savvy to make a real difference.

Follow Craig's work on our social media platforms below!

Become or Nominate an Ambassador

REACH’s ambassadors are volunteers working to further the mission of this non-profit organization. They are dedicating time and energy to spreading awareness, fundraising, volunteering, and supporting REACH in various ways.

  1. Ambassadors have a passion for REACH's mission. This is the most fundamental requirement. They are genuinely passionate about empowering Ugandan youth and improving education and healthcare in the country.
  2. Ambassadors typically range in age from 15 - 30. They are teenagers and young adults with cultural awareness, commitment to action, and the ability to think outside the box to come up with unique and effective ways to support REACH.
  3. Ambassadors are actively involved in furthering REACH’s missions. This can be through volunteering, hosting information sessions, running fundraisers or campaigns, or conducting a large-scale project during the year(s) in which they are an ambassador.