Each year, REACH offers opportunities for supporters to travel to Uganda with us to visit our program and volunteer at Arlington Junior School and at the Beatrice Tierney Health Clinics. Traveling with REACH to Uganda is an opportunity to explore and stay in Africa at a relatively low cost and to contribute your talents to a meaningful program. Our trips also give our students, faculty, and staff the chance interact with donors and supporters face-to-face, which brings honor and dignity to the community. This year REACH is offering two chaperoned trips to Uganda – the annual Teen Service Trip in late June and an Adult and Family Service Trip in late July. Find out more about each trip below.

REACH Uganda Teen Trip

Upcoming Trips

Teen Service Trip

Teen Service Trip: Summer 2021

Each year, REACH offers a chaperoned Teen Service Trip to Uganda to give students the opportunity to visit our program and volunteer at Arlington Junior School, Matuwa Junior & Primary Schools and at the Beatrice Tierney Health Clinics. This trip is only for teens (ages 15- 18) and limited to 12 teens total. Traveling with REACH to Uganda as a part of our trips is an opportunity to travel and stay in Africa at a relatively low cost and to contribute to a meaningful program.

Service opportunities will include:

    • Volunteering at Arlington Junior School (AJS) Matuwa Junior School (MJS) and Matuwa Primary School (MPS) interacting with students, teachers, and staff
    • Kicking off the Reading Challenge at AJS in partnership with ATS
    • Volunteering at Matuwa Primary School, Tuckahoe Elementary School’s sister school
    • Volunteering at Matuwa Junior School, Nottingham Elementary School’s sister school
    • Volunteering at the REACH Beatrice Tierney Health Clinics
    • Visiting Bumwalye – ( Haile Elementary’ s sister school and witness the local student debate competition
    • Visit at least one secondary school where REACH students attend.
    • Mentoring students through games, activities, and meaningful conversations
    • Going on a house visit to a student’s house to experience a traditional meal
    • Engaging in various sightseeing activities such as climbing the local “Mt. Nusu,” hiking Namisindwa hills,
    • Hiking Buraba falls near AJS with students and Larso Falls in Matuwa near MJS with student

Meet Your Chaperone

  • Visit Source of the Nile River in Jinja town
  • Crown it by going on the Safari in Murchison Falls and discover why Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa.

For teens only, this trips is limited to 12 teens total.

REACH for Uganda Teen Service Trip

The 2020 Program costs are as follows:

$2,100 per person, which does not include the flight to Uganda. The trip cost covers:

  • A trip chaperone
  • Transportation to and from the village with an REACH staff member
  • 24/7 volunteer support
  • Accommodations
  • All meals
  • Murchison Falls 3-day safari
  • Breakfast boat cruise & bird watching on the Nile River
  • Guided hike around Sipi Falls
  • Program supervision
  • Laundry service during the volunteer period

Additional Costs

Trip participants will be responsible for the cost of their flights, visas, travel insurance, and vaccinations. These costs do not pass through REACH.

  • Flights range from $1000 - $2500 roundtrip from the US
  • Visas are currently $50 for a 3 month visa but volunteers should check with the Ugandan Embassy (http://washington.mofa.go.ug/) for the most updated fees
  • Malaria pills range from $90-190
  • Vaccinations (yellow fever required) and medications recommended by your travel doctor can range from $100-$800
  • Health insurance with medical evacuation coverage ranges from $50 and up
  • Souvenirs and personal expenses $300+

REACH Uganda Teen Service Trip

2019 Teens Meeting with the REACH Uganda program director and US Ambassador to Uganda on in Kampala


Ani ArzoomanianMeet Your Chaperone, Ani Arzoomanian

An avid and experienced traveler, Ani has visited over 30 countries across 5 continents. She holds an MA in Education and BS in Global Business. She works during the school year as an educator with Arlington Public Schools, teaching fourth grade at Tuckahoe Elementary School. In the summer, she works for Smithsonian Institute in Europe. She serves on the Board of Directors for REACH, volunteers with AFAC, and demonstrates her commitment to education by pursuing her National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification.

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Adult & Family Service Trip

Ready to go?

To learn about our Teen Trip, please contact our trip leader, Ani Arzoomanian, at ani@reachforuganda.org

To learn more about our Adult and Family Trip, please contact trip leader, Dick Burk, at dick@reachforuganda.org

A $500 deposit for the Teen Trip is due by January 31, and the balance is due by May 15.

A $500 deposit for the Family Trip is due by March 1, and the balance is due by May 15.

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