How AJS has impacted on individual lives in the rural community

Our students in Uganda have been writing essays as they continue learning remotely. We are happy to share their work. Please note student work is presented in its original content.

My name is Becky Namubiru. I am in Grade Four at Arlington Junior School. This school has helped improve the lives of individuals in different ways. To me, it has given me good education which has helped me to understand information being given in English about the corona virus. Since we are at home, I get time and chance to listen to radios and TVs for new information about virus during the president’s national address about covid-19 Outbreak in the whole world and the measures being undertaken by the government to control the pandemic.

This disease has made us stay home for a long time. I miss my school and my friends both from AMERICA and within the village because we have been advised to stay home and also to report those who are going to other people’s homes.  

Before we left school, our teachers had told us to keep good hygiene and get early treatment from Beatrice Tierney healthy centre if we fall sick. They also told us to help our parents with domestic work like washing utensils, washing clothes, mopping, digging but also to do our holiday work on different subjects.

AJS has helped me to get organised in doing my school and home work according to a time table daily.  I give each subject two hours for revision then help my parents with home activities. I have to finish everything in time to listen to lessons on the TV. It is interesting to learn on TV but when something is difficult you cannot ask your friend or teacher like in our class at school. 

AJS has helped me to start thinking about my future. Our teachers tell us to set good goals in life. l am working hard at school because I want to become a teacher in future.

In this long break, I have been able to help my little brother and sister to care about ourselves to be safe by washing hands with soap all the time, cleaning things like door handles and other things around me.

I love AJS because it has improved individual lives by providing jobs to people in the village. Some of them are teachers, nurses, cooks, cleaners, security guards and others sell things to our school and get money to look after their families. Some sell food, vegetables, firewood and uniforms to our school.

AJS has helped to get us sponsors who help our parents to pay our school fees and send us other school requirements. 

REACH has helped to treat us at the Beatrice Tierney clinic when we fall sick. They also treat people from the community to immunise children and help pregnant mothers. They also give healthy education about family planning, balanced diet, healthy living and homes to have good life.

l must thank everyone for the great work done to impact everyone in our community. Thank you to the sponsors, MY SPONSER DILLON COOL AND HER FAMILY I THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Thank you to the founder’ uncle JOHN and aunt JOYCE. I want to wish everyone in America a safe stay.

 Becky Liz Namubiru 


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