Parents Day at REACH!

DSCN1409 DSCN1410Arlington Junior School held an Open House at the end of April. This gave all of the student’s parents an opportunity to come and observe how a typical school-day runs at Arlington. It was a time for parents to ask teachers questions about their child’s performance and behavior, and to understand how hard their children work to succeed in their classes.


This was a great day for Caroline in P4 (age 11) and her father. Her father came to
Arlington and sat in on her class, ate porridge break with her, and talked with the P4 teacher about her academic progress. This is what Caroline had to say about Open House at Arlington, “I was so happy to see my father and that he was able to come. Some of my friend’s parents could not come. That morning my father had to get up early and feed the animals so he could leave home early enough to get to my school. My father told me that he was proud because my teacher gave him a good report. He said he was happy because I was always early for school, while others were sometimes late. Also, I always revise my books and study hard. It was a nice day for me.”
– Carolyn A. Edlebeck

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