Gabriela Armada

Gabriela Armada is a Sociology major student. She learned about REACH in her internship search because she wanted to work with an organization that focused on youth empowerment and community development. After reading more about our mission, values, and programs, she knew she would be able to gain new skills and experiences and also apply her academic knowledge into practical work by working with us. During her internship, Gabriela will focus on development and research.

Gabriela is part of the French study group, active with the community of foreign students, and is also a member of the open waters swimming club at her University. She is a passionate activist for issues of social injustices, gender equity, and children rights, and frequently participates in demonstrations and movements for social inclusion.

After her internship with REACH, she will finish her academic program, and pursue a career with organizations that advocate for youth empowerment and gender equity.