Our student newsletter, Mulembe Magazine

By Danielle Fortin, former International Coordinator

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As a school that prides itself on providing the best educational opportunities for its students, we are always looking for new ways to inspire creative learning at Arlington Junior School. That is where our new newsletter, “Mulembe Magazine,” comes in.  Click here to read the lastest issue!

Originally inspired by Head Teacher Sarah, our student-written newsletter has become a way for students to get a taste of journalism and artistic expression. Every term hosts different events, activities, and visitors. Students are encouraged to report on those happenings to keep our international and local supporters up to date on the latest news at REACH. In the newsletter’s “Creative Corner,” pupils have the chance to create everything from poems, to drawings, to creative stories.

Danielle with REACH students and AJS Librarian Phionah

Towards the end of the term when the students were taking their exams, I collected those stories and compiled them to make the “Mulembe Magazine.” Each article and story is written and inspired entirely by the students themselves, creating a unique platform for self-expression.

As the incoming International Coordinator, Emma, gears up to take over, she looks forward to working on the “Mulembe Magazine.” Together with our librarian, Phiona, the pair will create a Newspaper Club to increase participation in working on the newsletter. After recruiting other students to join and setting up monthly meetings, the club participants will select student editors to edit all content. Student club members will also write and edit departments on local news, visitor news, and the creative corner. Our hope is that this club will inspire students to think critically of all the events that happen at AJS as well as spark interest in journalism.


  1. Kaamuli Isaac an REACH outreach student now in final year kyambogo university. on November 5, 2017 at 1:57 am

    May God the Almighty bless you with more wisdom so as to continue inspiring many children and more so promoting their talents.

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