Our students in Uganda have been writing essays as they continue learning remotely. We are happy to share their work. Please note student work is presented in its original content.

After a long period of time away from school, I was very happy to see a group of teachers visiting me at home. The teachers were: Teacher Constance, our head teacher Sarah, teacher Jemimah and teacher Ronny. They came to check on our health to see if we are fine. They wanted also to see if we had finished all the school work they sent to us. It was also time for them to share with our parents about our progress and ways to help us do our work better.

All of us felt good to see them because not all children in our village are visited. They asked me the activities I do at home to help my parents. I told them that I dig, wash the dishes, cook food and clean the house. They thanked me for being a responsible girl. 

They asked me if I had a home timetable but unfortunately I had not made one. I promised to make it and right now I have made it and I am following it. 

After my teachers visiting me, my parents have become more friendly to me than before. They sit with me and help me to do my work. I ask them to help me with things I find difficult. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my parents to do my school work together with them.

My parents encourage me to do all the work and finish it. They tell me to wash my clothes and be smart because they know my teachers are going to come back anytime.

Finally, I want to thank our teachers for loving us and giving us work to do during this lockdown. I request them to continue visiting us because we want them to know where we live and the challenges we face. We want them to get time to share with our parents about our work.

Written by Becky Namubiru Grade 4

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