REACH Mural Project

DSCN0882In order to brighten up their library, all the students of REACH for Uganda got their hands dirty, quite literally, in the process of beautifying the walls and bookshelves. Students in P1-P4 classes each painted one of their hands and very carefully, so that they didn’t spoil their uniforms, painted the side walls and backs of bookshelves. In the P5-P7 classes, a group of Art Representatives were chosen from each class. The classes worked together to come up with ideas for their murals and presented their classmates’ideas during discussion.

DSCN07951P5 decided on painting the Coat of Arms and  P6/ P7 decided on a Ugandan landscape (including Mt. Nusu), a kob- the national animal, and an REACH student reading. With the assistance and partnership of FIMRC staff and volunteers, students spent two weeks painting the library after school. FIMRC donated scrubs and gloves for P5-P7 students to wear. Student thoroughly enjoyed wearing the scrubs and gloves.

“This is what I’ll wear someday as a doctor,” one of the P6 students commented. Bethany Richards, a FIMRC volunteer, and artist worked with the students on developing their art skills and coming up with creative ideas. For many of the students, it was their first time using paint and being able to mix their own colors. Although this was a rather messy project, the students greatly enjoyed using their art skills and taking ownership of their hard work.


Joel P7 told me: ”I enjoyed painting because the mural we painted turned out beautifully. I am really happy that we came up with the idea to paint an REACH student reading under a tree. I enjoy being an artist and using my skills. I hope that we can have the chance to use the extra paint for more projects because I enjoy art. I thank Tr. Catherine who offered to pay for some of the paint that was purchased. All of my fellow artist participants thank everyone for organizing this activity.”
Caroline P7 told me: “I really liked painting in the library because it has helped me improve my art skills. I have now learned how to draw people and before I never knew. It has also helped me learned to improve my handwriting by helping me learn to draw straight and stay in a line. Also, I was the one who came up with the idea of painting the kob, our national animal. The kob was my favorite idea and my favorite thing to paint!”

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