Our First Female Engineer!

We’re excited to introduce you to Milly Nakaka, one of our REACH graduates who has excelled. Milly recently graduated from Kyamboko University with a four-year degree in Telecommunication Engineering. She’s the first female engineer in the REACH program, and we’re so proud of her many accomplishments.

Like many REACH students, Milly is from a very poor background but showed her academic gifts even at the primary level. Knowing her humble background, her teachers from primary at AJS kept a close eye on her to support her however they could. Milly comes from the hills of Nakatsi sub-county in Bududa district. Her parents struggled to provide for her with basics for school. REACH made sure she was provided with the necessities in addition to paying for her school tuition. She was the best performing girl at P7 at AJS and also the best performing at O level at Iganga Secondary School, a school that Joyce Wanda attended for high school as well. Milly became the best performing girl at A level and was admitted to Kyamboko University on a government scholarship to pursue her engineering degree. Sadly, her father passed away while Milly was away at University, but her mom is around and always cheering on her and her siblings. 

Milly’s long time REACH sponsors, Mike and Liane Paulson, are very proud of her and travelled to Uganda with the Wandas to witness the REACH 15th Anniversary celebrations. Their student Milly was among the 156 recent graduates in attendance for the event. The Paulson’s trekked the hills and visited the house where Milly’s mother lives and saw how far Milly used to walk to get to AJS. Arlington Junior School gave Milly a strong foundation and a great opportunity to advance herself, which she has done. We look forward to watching Milly make her impact on the world!

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