Primary Four- A Transition Class Workshop

DSCN1871 DSCN1877Compiled by Tr. Shibale Richard Kakala

A teacher’s workshop was conducted at the REACH school premises starting on Wednesday 26th- Friday 28th of May 2010. The purpose of the workshop was to help all the teachers acquire knowledge and skills of handling the transitions class, P4. This workshop was mainly for the teachers of Grade 4, but also affected all teachers because they may at one time teach the class. The workshop was important because the Ministry of Education and Sports together with the National Curriculum Centre have changed the Grade 4 curriculum. REACH needed a workshop to stay on top of these changes. All REACH teachers participated. The facilitators were P4 Tr. Shibale Richard, whom was trained to train the others, and Mr. Wanzala Abass, a previous trainer. The workshop was organized in such a way that daily lessons were not much affected. Below are the topics that were covered:

1.) Background to Grade 4 curriculum 2.) Understanding Documents for P4 3.) The role of language for P4 4.) Methodology in P4 5.) Scheming, lesson planning, and assessment 6.) Challenges in implementing the P4 curriculum 7.) Demonstrations

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