REACH Students Help at IDP Camp

DSCF0059 DSCF0087Although the major landslide occurred several months ago, there is still a pressing need for aid and assistance for the displaced residents of the affected areas. Arlington has continued to support the IDP camp in Bulucheke by donating items, building structures, and distributing goods. This past term, before students departed for term break, the upper classes (P6 and P7) organized dozens of large sacks of clothing and shoes into smaller bundles for individual families at the camp. Then all 100 students and over 15 staff members spent all afternoon until evening personally walking from tent to tent distributing the items. These items had been donated by Bukumbale Primary School, Kampala City School, and Buyobo Women Microfinance Initiative. Donations included: maize flour, soap, salt, clothing, shoes, and other food items. Each of these institutions asked REACH to do the job of distributing their donated items because they trusted that REACH would get the task completed efficiently. That same day, REACH also supplied two truckloads of firewood, since this was an urgent need at the camp for cooking. It was a job very well done by all staff and students of REACH. The residents of the camp were very grateful to all oh REACH’s hard work and commented on the direct efforts REACH has made. It was also a powerful learning experience for the Arlington students. They learned how important it is to give and to take time to help others in need. Photos taken by REACH Director: James Nabitawo

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