Secondary UCE Exam Results

All last year, our students in their fourth year of secondary school were preparing for their Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) exams.

Students take 10 subject exams and can earn scores of 1-10.  A “1” means the student scored a 90% or higher on an exam, with “2” meaning 80 – 89%. Then, their best eight exam scores are added to get their total aggregate score and respective division. The highest aggregate score a student can get is 8 (top scores of 1 in best 8 subjects), and the worst score is 80 (low scores of 10 in each subject). Scores between 8 and 32 receive a Division I ranking. Students who score an aggregate of 8 are rare.  We offer huge congratulations to our top-scoring students: Natseli Godfrey (9), Kuloba Anthony (10), and Wambukhu Simon (10). We’re so proud!

Across Uganda only 7.5% of all students who sat for the UCE exams scored in Division 1, while 14.1% scored in Division 2. In contrast, an amazing 52% of former Arlington Junior School students scored in Division 1, and 25% scored in Division 2.  

Natseli Godfrey

Kuloba Anthony remembers feeling nervous while heading to the exams despite a history of educational success. “It was quite tricky,” says Anthony. “You always have fear of those kind of exams. After the first two papers though, you get used to them and you feel more confident about taking them.”

Kuloba Anthony

Throughout the year Anthony studied for two hours every day, which drastically increased to 5 hours, as he got closer to exams. Godfrey Natseli has been Anthony’s desk mate since the 5th grade. The duo would study together and compared notes every day after class to make sure neither missed a thing during the school day. Anthony and Godfrey even want to continue in the same school taking the same subjects as they head to their 5th year in secondary school. In addition to all their hard work, Anthony says he owes much of his success to the Arlington staff and his sponsors for their help and support over the years.


  1. Hennie Deboeck-De Zutter on March 2, 2017 at 7:23 am

    Congratulations to Godfrey, Anthony and Simon. Those results are fantastic. Congratulations too to the other REACH students who got Division I and Division II in their exams.

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