Student Stories: Aaron (P7)

In our continuing series, we bring you stories from our students. Aaron writes a composition about his class, who will graduate REACH at the end of the year and take the Primary Leaving Exam, which will determine which secondary schools they can attend.  In the past three years, 98% of students have tested into the top two levels, which ensures their ability to go to quality secondary schools.  To find out more about our secondary school scholarship program, click here.

I have just joined a new class which is primary seven. I was promoted from primary to a class of difference. I had hope of finding somewell-trainedd teachers who could teach us well. My class is found on the opposite side of the secretary’s office. It was founded by Catherine Reising Jones who is a volunteer. She comes each and every year to prepare for primary seven scholarships in secondary school and registration of each candidate in a given secondary school.

In my class, I perform some activities. Some of my favorite activities I do in my class time include paying attention to what the teachers are teaching me. During my leisure time, I read novels, or do an exercise. When doing an exercise, I do some five to ten numbers basing on a certain topic and subject which I can afford to do. In my class, I like reading novels and watching debating themes. Debating themes include discussing on a certain motion/topic given for an opposer or a proposer to approve. I can also perform some activities outside of class like reading newspapers, novels, and news from the parade. During our week to present items on Assembly, we act skits, poems or conversations and by so doing, we improve on our vocabulary. During parade we entertain the school with songs, skits to mention but a few. In my class I have friends who help me in some activities and encourage me not to join bad groups which have bad behaviors like being shabby and teasing others.

I like my class because it has interesting teachers who are well trained, teach well, and always encourage us not to join bad groups which teach you bad behaviors. It also has encouraging friends and smart students, so my class loves to learn and read.

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