REACH and Booz Allen Celebrate Accomplishments!

There was much to celebrate and still more to plan at the REACH for Uganda Board of Directors meeting on November, 21st in McLean, VA.  Hosted and facilitated by a team of volunteer consultants from Booz Allen Hamilton, Board members reflected on REACH’s strategic plan, both their accomplishments to date and plans for the future. REACH board members, staff and volunteers have led the way to noteworthy progress on the organization’s goals in the areas of governance, volunteer coordination and development.

In September, the Board had previously updated their education, health and outreach initiatives. When the team of Booz Allen volunteers first helped REACH compose its strategic plan in 2007, the Board of Directors determined that the organization’s governance required definition, coordination and efficiency in order to run more effectively.  At the November 21, 2009 meeting, Board members and Booz Allen facilitators noted their many accomplishments towards this goal.  REACH has defined the purpose, roles and responsibilities of board members in the U.S., senior staff in Uganda, including the program manager and the headmaster of the school, and established a new executive director position in the U.S.

REACH’s strategic plan states that the organization will “recruit a broad-base of volunteers and effectively utilize their time and talent.”  Towards that end, REACH has established a volunteer coordinator to support REACH’s volunteers and activities in the US.  And in Uganda, a volunteer coordinator organizes traveling volunteers who go on site to support the schools and REACH programs.

The Booz Allen team and REACH Board members noted the many strides taken towards the goal of building and strengthening relationships in order to increase funding, raise awareness and expand resources.  REACH has written grant proposals to foundations and government agencies to mobilize support and has improved communication to increase awareness of the organization through the website, annual Thank You dinner, events and other activities.

The Board members were delighted to note their progress and determined to keep the great momentum.  With help from the Booz Allen volunteer team, the group worked diligently through the day to develop action plans that will help carry REACH even further towards meeting their strategic plan goals.  REACH thanks the team of amazing volunteers from Booz Allen who have dedicated so much of their time and expertise to strengthening our organization and furthering our mission for children in rural Uganda.  We look forward to celebrating even more accomplishments in the future!

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