Student Stories: Moses (P3)

In our continuing series, we bring you stories from our students – in their words.

My name is Moses. I am in Primary Three.

I like my school because it has good teachers. The teachers teach us so well and we come to school every school day. At school, we eat food every day. The teachers also come everyday. I like REACH so much.

In the future, I want to be an engineer. I am studying so hard in school because we have good teachers. My best subjects are English and mathematics. I like them because they are good subjects.

I like Arlington because they give many things like uniforms, shoes, and stockings. I would like to thank the people who helped us to find REACH for Uganda. At Arlington we don’t buy anything to use. Everything is there for us. I also want to thank the teachers of Arlington who have been teaching us. They are good teachers.

I also like my school because it has a school library. We read books everyday and we also enjoy reading. The school library is always open so you can borrow a book any time. We also have a school farm. At the school farm we have hens and cows. We get eggs and milk from the farm.

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