Essay by Jeffrey Brandon Mubiru, Grade 3

Our students in Uganda have been writing essays as they continue learning remotely. We are happy to share their work. Please note student work is presented in its original content.

My name is Jeffrey Brandon Mubiru and I am in Grade Three at Arlington Junior School.

My school is the best in the district because our teachers teach us very well and want us to get good jobs in future. 

The first term was very good we got many visitors from the USA. We danced and sang for our visitors. Our big brothers and sisters were graduating from the universities. When they left, our teachers told us that the government had told all schools to close because of a disease called corona virus. On assembly, they told us to wash our hands every day so that we don’t get sick at home. They told us to read our books every day and do all our holiday package.  

They also told us to behave well home and not to go walking about in the village because we could the dangerous disease. They told us to help our parents in the gardens and to do house work with them.

 Our friends in the outreach program are also very happy because they get assistance from our sponsors. They give them examinations, books to read and balls.

At home, we are now learning from radios and TVs because the president knows that is how we can be safe. You have to be in the sitting room when your class is learning. I enjoy learning English and Literacy. The teachers can explain things using real objects and pictures. But my teachers are the best because they make us to understand and give us enough time to complete all the work.

All radios and TVs tell us information about corona virus and how to keep safe in our homes. Many good people have donated things to help to fight corona virus. We thank the doctors for fighting the corona virus because all the people in quarantine have been treated and healed.

Written by Jeffrey Brandon Mubiru

Grade Three

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