From Student to Staff

IMG_7947One of REACH’s missions is to encourage our students who have finished school to return back to their community to work and give back. In order to help that initiative, we have taken on a focus of hiring our university graduates whenever possible. We are happy to announce we have recently hired one of our first university graduates to be apart of the Arlington team!

Daphne Mabonga, age 22, attended Makerere University Business School and has confidently finished the courses required to obtain a Bachelors of Science in Economics. While she hasn’t received her official diploma yet, the MUBS graduation ceremony will take place early next year.

Daphne has a proven history of being a positive role model in the community. At the church in her village she is often called to talk to the members with words of encouragement. She is an active member of the alumni association, ARLOSA. Her face is a familiar one as she always makes sure to visit Arlington when she is home on break.

Daphne is sure to bring a lot of great work and ideas to Arlington as the new assistance Outreach Coordinator. She will be working alongside our current coordinator, Olivia, to ensure that the expanding outreach program continues to be successful.

She is most looking forward to working closely with the government schools and working on obtaining necessary materials for them while a part of the Outreach Program.

We are very happy to have her back at Arlington!


  1. kuloba jimmy willy on September 30, 2016 at 2:54 pm

    That is good and encouraging to REACH.

  2. Simiyu Innocent on October 7, 2016 at 9:15 pm

    an thankful to you may the Lord be with you

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