Our students in Uganda have been writing essays as they continue learning remotely. We are happy to share their work. Please note student work is presented in its original content.

My name is Nabila Bayiga in Grade Seven. All the seven years, I have been enjoying lessons conducted in a classroom following an organised. 

However, this changed with the coming of the corona virus. All children were told to stay home with their parents.

Our teachers had to think of ways to keep us busy with school work. They sent us printed work and advised us to get help from our parents where we get difficulties.

My mother did not go to school so she couldn’t help me with my school work. She requested my uncle to start teaching me from home. 

I was happy to get a teacher to teach me at home. My uncle told me that this kind of learning is called home learning. I had never heard of that term before. It is a different way of learning where you are taught from home. 

Home learning is good but I feel lonely because all the time I am studying alone by the same teacher for all lessons. At school, we had many teachers teaching us. They were quick in correcting our written work and it was easy for us to do corrections. With uncle it is different; he can take two days correcting the work because he is alone.

Studying from home involves interruptions. Uncle sometimes receives phone calls during the lesson or my mother calls me to help her with something. Sometimes, we receive visitors and start conversing while I do the work. This makes me to lose concentration and listen on to their conversation.

Another challenge with my home schooling is that my uncle reports me to my mother for any minor mistake I make. It is different with my teachers, whenever I made a mistake; they would talk to me nicely and advise me not to do it again.

In conclusion, home learning is good but the teachers should choose a good learning environment to avoid interruptions. All in all I prefer school learning to home learning and I really want to go back to my school.

Written by Nabila Bayiga Grade Seven

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