Our students in Uganda have been writing essays as they continue learning remotely. We are happy to share their work. Please note student work is presented in its original content.

My name is Mary Watsemba and I am in Grade Seven. Corona Virus has made me to miss seeing my sponsor. Her name is Professor Mary Gibson. I love her very much because we share a name and she supports my education. 

Whenever she comes to visit me, she encourages me to work hard at school to get a good future. 

It is unfortunate that this time, she hasn’t been able to visit us because of this COVID 19. Very sad!

I wanted her to come this year because I am in my final year at primary. Next year, I will be joining secondary God willing. While in secondary, I will have to stay in a boarding section and they might not allow her to come and see me in my new school.

I have good memories of her because I read my old letters from her. I remember her for many good things. One time, she taught us a song about peeling bananas. It was during assembly time. All students love it and we usually sing it when our visitors come. I know my teachers also miss her because she teaches them many things at school.

Thank you my sponsor for loving me and paying my school fees, paying for my uniforms, books and being a friend to my family. I send you greetings from my grandparents.

Written by Mary Watsemba Grade 7

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