Our students in Uganda have been writing essays as they continue learning remotely. We are happy to share their work. Please note student work is presented in its original content.

My name is Emma a student at Arlington Junior School in Grade Seven. There are many changes that have come about because of a dangerous disease. This dreaded disease is called Corona Virus. It started in China in 2019 that is why it is called COVID -19. At first, this disease started like a joke, but it has turned out to be a threat to everyone’s life. The unfortunate thing is that it has caused many deaths to people world over.

20th March, 2020 keeps coming back to me as a nightmare when Mama Sarah our head teacher called for a quick assembly to send us back home. During the assembly, they told us about the deadly disease and ways we can manage it.

As a candidate I thought it was a normal holiday given at a wrong time. Quickly our teachers gave us holiday work and guided us how to do it. They told us that this break would end very soon so there was no need to worry. I remember walking home happily.

Here in Uganda, schools, open markets, public transport, Air-ports and recreation centers have been closed. For those who have been allowed to work, have been given strict guidelines for example not to go back to their families but sleep where they work. Such people include: market food vendors, truck drivers and builders. Special workers in essential services were told to have official stickers as proof of permission to move to their work place. The journalists also were allowed to work. I admire them because they give us news of what is happening in the country more especially the number of people having the virus.

Day after day, the president has been giving more directives on transport, curfew and other things. It was the first time to hear that word. My parents told me that nobody was supposed to move beyond 7.00 pm until 6.30am. The security people, started moving from place to place to make sure people are obeying the rules since then I have been wondering when it could end.

At home, we work long hours in the garden. We don’t rest because there is more and more work to do. As a candidate, I have to read my books to prepare for my final examinations at Primary level. 

In conclusion, I advise my friends and sponsors to wash hands and stay safe at home.

Written by:

Magongo Emma  

Grade Seven

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