Reading Challenge 2016


By: Danielle Fortin, International Coordinator

In 2006, the teachers of our sister school, Arlington Traditional School, solidified our partnership by bringing their annual Reading Challenge to Uganda with a theme of “Reading is Global.” ATS’ hope in including REACH in their tradition was to instill a positive reading culture with our students in Uganda to help their educational journey. At that time, Arlington Junior School had a very small “library” which was a pile of books in the head teacher’s office. Students had to individually visit the head teacher and choose from a small pile of books. As the years passed and more volunteers travelled to Uganda bringing hundreds of books with them, our students got more and more excited about reading.

Fast-forward to 2016 and we are celebrating the completion of our 11th Reading Challenge in our own spacious library full of hundreds and hundreds of books and learning materials! With the highest number of books read being 572 and the total number read by all students of 105,896, it is safe to say that our students’ super power really is reading. We could never have seen the growth in our students’ passion for reading and their English skills if it wasn’t for Arlington Traditional School. With countless donations of books, reading challenge materials, support, and even a recent donation of money for books, ATS has really made a positive impact on our school.

On October 14th student’s, staff and community members p1-modeling-2gathered in our library to acknowledge the dedication the students showed in reading! All the best winners in the reading challenge were awarded gifts for their achievements. The overall best readers were given school bags, pencils, a reading book, and stickers. The top three readers at each class level were also awarded gifts of a reading book, stickers, pencils, pencil sharpeners, umbrellas, and kerosene lanterns. We also awarded the top readers in the “infant” classes, “middle” classes, and “upper” classes with similar gifts to encourage themselves and their peers to keep reading!

To see if your sponsored child excelled in the reading challenge check out the results below:

Best overall readers
Name Class #of Books
Boy Nambale Isaac P5 572
Girl Kibone Sarah P3 568
Best in Infant Classes
Name Grade #of Books
Lubuya Catherine P2 562
Best in Middle Classes
Name Grade #of Books
Nafungo Joy P4 558
Best in Upper Classes
Name Grade # of Books
Wakimwayi Allan P6 500
Best readers in P1
Name # of Books
1 Namanda Daniel 280
2 Katisi Peace 250
3 Wabwire Kelvin 244
Best readers in P2
Name # of Books
1 Nabatanzi Desire 500
2 Wakwale Joel 478
3 Nabende Brian 472
Best readers in P3
Name # of Books
1 Matanda Keturah 550
2 Watulo Sulaiman 541
3 Amara Solomon 520
Best readers in P4
Name # of Books
1 Walimbwa Abdul 588
2 Atuhaire Emmanuel 570
3 Wekoye Moses 503
Best readers in P5
Name # of Books
1 Seera Kaana 555
2 Watera Joy 546
3 Kisakye Joshua 527
Best readers in P6
Name # of Books
1 Wereba Bashir 463
2 Kimono Sarah 427
3 Kooko Joshua 418
Best readers in P7
Name # of Books
1 Nandele Mary Kuloba 251
2 Kwambukha Felista 236
3 Watsemwa Fridah 234
Total Performance of Each Class
Class Books Read Position
P1 6,355 7
P2 18,565 3
P3 15,381 5
P4 21011 2
P5 21,978 1
P6 16,044 4
P7 6,5862 6


  1. Suzanne Smith on November 19, 2016 at 10:26 pm

    Congratulations to all of the students who participated and excelled in the Reading Challenge 2016!

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