Sponsorship Update

Sponsors of Primary Students – Letters from your primary students were mailed within the last few days.  Your letters in response are due back to REACH no later than Friday, January 8, 2010 and will be hand carried to Uganda.  REACH’s recently graduated P7 students will learn their Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) results in mid January.  Scores on the PLE determine whether or not a student is accepted into secondary school. So far, almost all REACH graduates have qualified to go to division one and division two secondary schools.  Please keep your fingers crossed for this year’s graduating class.  During the 2-3 weeks after the scores are announced, REACH staff will award scholarships to qualifying students (hopefully all!) and help them get off to secondary school for the start of the new school year in early February.  We will let sponsors of these students know the results as soon as possible.
Sponsors of Secondary Students – Secondary students will come back to the village in mid to late January to perform community service and write to their sponsors as part of their scholarship requirement. We hope to have letters from secondary students ready to distribute to their sponsors in February. Sponsor a student – A new class of 45 P1 students will enter the REACH primary school in early February and all of them need sponsors.  If you’ve been thinking about sponsoring child, now is a great time to start.  A sponsorship makes a great holiday gift!

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