Student Stories: Emmanuel (P6)

In our continuing series, students tell us about their life at REACH.  This is a composition by Emmanuel (P6) on the Reading Carnival.

It was on Friday, 17th October 2009 when we celebrated our annual Reading Carnival. I was too happy because I had read more than 88 books.

Before that day we were told to wear our sports uniform. We had a meat meal on that day and juice. I was so excited because I was the second best reader in my class. We were given many gifts ie soda, twelve biscuits, a cup and a bookmark.

After we had a carnival which included the four houses: Rwenzori, Elgon, Mufumbiro and Kilimanjaro. We had five sessions. In each session there was a teacher. I participated in all the five sessions and Rwenzori won. We smartly dressed in our new t-shirts with the map of Arfica on it saying “Reading is a treat all Across Africa.” I was happy because Africa is my continent and my natural home hand. Our new teacher called Teacher Emily designed our beautiful t-shirts.

All and all I loved the reading carnival. Best wishes to Tr. Emily, head teacher, all of the REACH for Uganda staff, and all the people in the United States.

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