Student Stories: Ameria (P5)


Ameria is a 13-year-old girl in Primary 5 who has earned the top spot in academics for her class.  She is active in the music program and loves to study.  Ameria has dedicated herself to achieving the best education possible and has received much in return. Before she attended REACH, she attended a public school in Manafa, in a district a few hours away. She spoke almost no English and now calls English her favorite subject. “That school was fair,” America said. “But sometimes the teachers can’t teach.”

In order to attend REACH, Ameria has to live with her uncle in the area.  Her mother is a farmer and her father is a policeman in Kampala.  Her mother manages a household of 7 children, cooking, cleaning, and fetching water.  Ameria misses her family but enjoys living with her uncle.  She gets to see her siblings on school holiday’s when she is not working on music for REACH. Her favorite thing about Arlington: the books. “They help me to read and learn.  They teach me about the world and answer my questions,” she said. She hopes to give back to her community by becoming a doctor.  Ameria’s hopes and aspirations are fueled by her experiences at REACH and the dedicated teaching staff. “Before I came to REACH I didn’t speak much English and now I can speak very well.  REACH has helped me get a future, to help myself and my family.”

Thanks to REACH volunteer Amy O’Shea, who wrote this story this summer while volunteering at our school in Bumwalukani!

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