Reasons Why I Love to Read

Reading-Challenge-joy-300x225The REACH for Uganda concluded the 4th annual Reading Challenge with a Reading Carnival on October 16, 2009. Students read a total of 13,901 books in two months. We thought you would enjoy seeing some of the reasons REACH students love to read:

Reading is fun. – Shimali Moses

Reading will never die. -Mutayi Absolom

Please swim in the soup of Reading. -Matanda Joash

The best and only food for the brain is reading. -Nafungo Sarah

Reading has brought easy movement. -Mudaga Micha

My brain becomes lazy without reading. -Namasopo Azida

Nothing makes people more happy than reading.-Wamula Nicholas

Reading makes everyone fresh. -Timaka Charles

Reading is a passport to knowledge. -Buteme Miriam

I love reading like I love God. -Natsite Phoebe

Reading has legs to make you move the whole world. -Wedala Nasuru

I can treat a disease with reading. -Moreen

Reading Never Dies. -Namalwa Sandra

I can eat chicken every day because of reading. -Esther

Please swim in the soup of reading. You will get the best food for the brain. -Nabulo Sylivia

My dear, never abuse reading.-Nandala Jusine

Reading has a big eye and legs to move everywhere. -Namutosi Caroline

Even old people read, what about you? -Namono Doreen

Reading will never die or sleep. -Naomono Sandra

Read daily to make your brain think better.-Namwano Rhoda

People speak and write English because of reading. -Wanyenya Ivan

Readers can move overseas. -Mubiita Fredrick

Reading is food. Reading never dies. -Wandeka Judith

Reading is joy to everybody. What about you? -Wambete Ronald

Read and open up your mind. -Shinyale Titus

Reading is the best protector of education. -Philex

Love to read and love to learn. -Wakoli Brian

We love to learn. -Bukawa Ismail

The more you read the more you learn. -Kusolo Hussein

Read and read. Reading is good. -Masambu Joshua

When you read you can’t feel hungry. -Samanya Isaac

Mr. and Mrs. Read and Read. -Mayimuna

Reading is the ladder to higher level of learning. –Maliba

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