Our students in Uganda have been writing essays as they continue learning remotely. We are happy to share their work. Please note student work is presented in its original content.

Arlington Junior School was started in 2004 by Mr. John Wanda and Mrs. Joyce Wanda to help the children and parents of the community who are not doing well financially. The school empowers both students and parents by paying for their education up to university. The good thing with REACH, it also employs its former students to come back and work in the organization.

Arlington Junior School greatly changed my life and empowered me with life skills that help me to live in harmony with my friends and people in my village. As a young girl, I have been taught the importance of fluency in speaking English, smartness and leadership that will enable me to achieve my goals in life.

My school also works with some outreach schools like Bulobi, Bumwalye, Matuwa Junior School, Bukiga and Bubiita among others to sponsor some of their students under the outreach scholarship programme. 

The REACH for Uganda has helped us to get free medical care from the BTHC. You don’t have to miss school because of sickness because the moment you go to the clinic and present your school care, the health workers there will treat you in a very friendly manner. During this COVID 19 period, the clinic staffs have been giving treatment to people in the community. They have also provided transport to suspects of COVID-19 to the isolation centers where they are to be monitored.

In conclusion, I would like to appreciate Uncle John and Aunt Joyce together with Uncle Dick Buck the President of REACH for Uganda programme for the hard work and support they have offered us with our parents.

Great thanks go to our sponsors for the support. The sky should be the limit in my studies. May the good Lord bless all of you!

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