“The Shocking News”

Group-at-landsildeReport by: Kitsamba Davis and Wamboko Ronald from S3

It was a rainy, cold morning when we heard about the occurrence of the lands in Bududa.  It seemed shocking to us who had parents, relatives, and friends there.  Having heard the shocking news, we were worried about our lovely school, REACH for Uganda, because it is neighbored by some hills.  Fortunately, in the late evening we received a newspaper and we read about the incident.  We read about people who survived and others who died. It seemed unimaginable!  Those who survived are now being cared for in a camp, set-up by the government and other world organizations.  We really appreciate the support from REACH for Uganda for the displaced people.

(In the group photo taken at the landslide- Kitsamba is on the far left and Wamboko is on the far right.)


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