Walking, Walking, Walking

Thank you to new REACH partner organization Wheels to Africa for organizing a five-mile walk on Saturday, November 14, 2009 which was held in recognition of REACH students who walk as much as five miles a day to get to school. Walkers (including the REACH leaders and supporters at left) wore signs displaying the names of REACH students that they adopted for the walk. REACH and Wheels to Africa were joined by leaders of the Tanzania Education Fund for the event. We made many new friends as a result and look forward to working together with these fine organizations in the future. After the walk, Wheels to Africa volunteers painted signs for their upcoming bike collection which will be held on Decembers 5, 2009. Check out the Wheels to Africa website for collection points. WTA has selected REACH and the Tanzania Education Fund to receive bikes this year and we are working together to find a cost-effective shipping solution. If you have suggestions, please email arlingtonacademyhope@yahoo.com.

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