How REACH Has Helped My School

By: Khanakwa Stella


I am Khanakwa Stella and I am eleven years old. I am a pupil of Matuwa Primary School in Primary Six. Matuwa Primary School is found in Bupoto sub-county in Manafwa District in eastern Uganda.

I am very grateful for what REACH for Uganda has done for the pupils of Matuwa Primary School as follows.

REACH for Uganda has provided secondary scholarships for our friends who perform well in the Primary Leaving Examinations, aiding them to go further and complete their education, hence creating a better future for them. This also inspired me to work hard as well so I can get a scholarship.

REACH has also helped by providing us with lunch which we were not having in our school. Before, I was always dozing in class and performing poorly. But since REACH provided us with food for lunch, I am now healthy and performing well.

Thirdly, REACH helped in the construction of our kitchen which has improved on our sanitation. Before, we had a very poor kitchen that we worried about. But special thanks goes to REACH for helping us to construct a new, good-looking kitchen.

Additionally, our school library had many damages and it did not have books to read, but REACH helped us repair our library and it has been well-stocked with all the reading materials which help us to perform well. Therefore, great thanks to REACH for Uganda for such a wonderful innovation. We promise to perform better using our library.

Furthermore, REACH has also helped to repair our windows and floors. Our windows were broken and when it could rain, there was too much coldness and I was always having fever. But since REACH helped us to repair our windows, we are so grateful for making our school neat, shiny, and smart.

REACH for Uganda has also facilitated us in games and sports by providing equipment like balls and sportswear, making us fit for games.

Additionally, organization of the 5K race was done by REACH, making our school famous in the USA and making us healthy by exercising our bodies. They also managed to give awards like pens, books, cups, and plates to the best runners in the race.

Therefore, personally, I feel I have been greatly helped by REACH for Uganda and I can only pay them back by working very, very hard.

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