REACH Co-Founders Receive 2016 National Caring Award

By: Danielle Fortin, International Coordinator

On Saturday, October 22nd, our co-founders John and Joyce Wanda traveled to Orlando, Florida to join the ranks of Mother Theresa, Pope Francis, Senator Kennedy and 58 other dignitaries as recipients of the 2016 National Caring Award. Founded in 1985, the Caring Institute works to promote the values of caring, integrity, and public service when it comes to solving the world’s problems.

John and Joyce It is no surprise to any of us at the REACH for Uganda that John and Joyce would be nominated and receive the award for their tremendous work to bring quality education and access to health care to rural communities of eastern Uganda. Having grown up in some of the poorest communities of Uganda, John and Joyce rose from their unfortunate situations and have worked since the Academy’s foundation in 2004, to see others do the same. “We feel good that a huge institution like the Caring Institute is recognizing the efforts of two regular people, born and raised in the poorest of neighborhoods in Uganda, who now find themselves instruments of change for their country” says John. From countless visits to Bududa and Matuwa, tireless work in recruiting supporters, and always being a positive role model for our faculty, staff, and children, the Wanda’s have created a program that will continue to transform the lives of thousands for years to come.

This award only inspires the Wanda’s and all of us at REACH to work even harder so we can expand our reach and influence on the communities we serve in. John Wanda says, “Let this award be an affirmation that there is more to be done, and encourage others to join these efforts.”

Read the Caring Institute’s profile of John and Joyce here.  Congratulations on this well-deserved honor!

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