REACH for Uganda 2021 Annual Report

In 2021, education was a challenge worldwide, and especially in Uganda.  In February, only three weeks into the school year, Uganda abruptly closed all schools – primary, secondary and tertiary – in response to the Covid pandemic.  Nevertheless, through the support of its sponsors and donors, REACH retained its teachers and was able to provide educational services throughout the year to all its students. Using enhanced information technologies matched with hand-delivering lessons and tests to students weekly, REACH students received instruction and stayed connected to their schoolwork.  This accomplishment is a testament to our teachers, administrators, and sponsors, and we couldn’t be more proud of them.  Our students are now back in school with extended school days starting at 7am and reduced holidays, working hard to make up lost time.

Learn more about what we did in 2021 in the Annual Report below. Thank you for your support in making this happen!

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