Students Receive Scholarship for University Education

By: Danielle Fortin, International Coordinator

Godfrey and Peninah

Last year Mutunga Godfrey and Kituyi Peninah worked hard at their secondary schools to perform well on their national exams that mark the end of their secondary schooling. They received some of the top scores in the country. Now, we are so happy to announce they have been awarded a scholarship by the Ugandan government to continue their higher education!

Godfrey and Peninah can remember how hard they worked to ensure their success. “It was hectic. I used to study all night because I wanted to get the maximum points,” said Peninah. While studying hard and revising notes with friends at school, Peninah can also recall some great words of advice that helped her push through the many hours. One of her mentors at school said to her, “Don’t read to just pass, read while calculating what you have invested in your education. Make sure you do well so you utilize what you’ve paid for this chance.”

Thinking back on all of the support that her sponsors had put towards her education helped her sure she was getting the most out of her opportunity of being at school. In the fall, Peninah will be attending Makerere University to study Education and Literature.

Looking towards the future, Godfrey is so grateful for the opportunity to continue his studies at university. Godfrey will be heading to Gulu University to pursue Medicine and Surgery. This chance, “is a dream come true” for him. “I had no hope of doing this course because of the financial burden, but I am so happy to be living my dream by continuing to study medicine.”

As Peninah and Godfrey prepare to make the big transition to university campuses across the country, we are nothing but confident in their future success.

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